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Cartblank - helps to realize ambitions.


Mondi Syktyvkar LPK JSC is part of the Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper division and is the largest paper producer in Russia. The Syktyvkar plant specializes in the production of office and offset paper, and also produces newsprint, containerboard and market pulp.
The flagship brand of office paper "Snegurochka" is produced at JSC "Mondi Syktyvkar LPK". 


Cartblank office paper packaging needs to be redesigned, creating a new, stylish and eye-catching packaging that can be a worthy replacement for dropped players and compete with a strong brand from another manufacturer.

As part of the redesign, you need to:
• Keep a share of continuity to the current design;
• Strengthen and highlight the Cartblank logo;
• Use clean and bright colors that will make the product stand out on marketplaces;
• Put the characteristics and USP of the product on the front side of the package 


We started by auditing the current design using our Three Layers of Efficiency methodology and found that the design was only 30% effective. The logo is almost invisible due to the geometric shapes that overlap it. There is a good visual emphasis on geometry, but one way or another, competitors on the shelf outplay the brand in contextual and conversion layers.

The new design also stands out due to its geometry - a green square with a very large logo takes up two thirds of the pack. One third is dedicated to context and conversion. 

As part of this project, we created a brand legend that describes the positioning of the brand and its role for consumers - why this particular brand should be preferred. It sounds like this:

“Every new business starts from scratch. To help you achieve your goals with ease, we have created a new brand of paper that gives you complete freedom of action, has all the necessary characteristics and prevents unforeseen complications in the workflow.

The minimalistic design, with a blank in the center of the composition, symbolizes the structure and composure associated with the beginning of the planning of any new project. At the same time, bright color adds brilliance and dynamics to the usual workflows.

The new design of Cartblank turned out to be very modern and bright, different from competitors both on the retail shelf and on the virtual showcase of marketplaces.
The project also developed a new logo book for the brand.

Cartblank is a modern new standard office paper brand that keeps up with the times.