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Chaika is your reliable assistant in solving important problems!


JSC "Mondi Syktyvkar LPK" is part of the Mondi Group, the world's leading company in the production of packaging materials and cardboard, and is the leader of the pulp and paper industry in Russia. The Syktyvkar plant specializes in the production of office and offset paper, also produces newsprint and printing paper, container and consumer cardboard and market pulp.

In 2022, it was decided to launch a new brand of C-segment office paper "Chaika" for the tender channel.


JSC "Mondi Syktyvkarsky LPK" commissioned us to develop a new brand of class C office paper with the bright name "Chaika".

We needed to develop a short legend (2-3 small paragraphs) describing the positioning of the brand and its role for consumers - why this particular brand should be preferred. As well as packaging design, which should be simple, understandable and relevant to the consumer, reflect quality, stability and reliability, as well as look dignified and patriotic.


Previously, we have already developed the Сartblank design for the Mondi company as part of the express design of the Startup tariff. For a new brand, we had to develop a fundamentally different solution based on the target audience and positioning.

In the legend and new design of the brand, it was important to take into account the following points:

• Reflect brand positioning: "Chaika" is, first of all, office paper for business, a high-quality and reliable assistant.
• Create a connection with the Soviet orientation, patriotic spirit (GOST quality, “before it was better”).
• Convey associations with the name (seagull, flight, lightness, etc.).

The brand legend created by us sounded like this:

“We have created a brand of quality and reliable office paper that helps you easily control your work processes without worrying about things going wrong. Chaika meets all quality standards, prevents possible hitches in the use of paper so that you can increase the efficiency of office tasks and expand the horizons of your capabilities.

Brightness and minimalism in the design reflect the clarity and structure associated with the stability of quality and a systematic approach to work tasks. Lightness and balance, expressed in the image of a seagull and other graphic elements, evoke a feeling of calm and serenity, as well as the confidence that any of your undertakings will be successful.

The new design turned out to be noticeable and understandable, relevant to the consumer, reflecting quality, stability and reliability, which looks dignified and patriotic in the neo-Soviet style.

All characteristics and benefits of the product are placed on the pack. Differentiation by color is also provided for paper of higher grades A and B.