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Ecomilk Syrovarnya - cheese made from fresh milk!


This is a new line of hard and semi-hard cheeses in the Ecomilk brand portfolio for those who appreciate taste and strive to enjoy cheese.


To create a packaging design for a new line of cheeses "Ecomilk Syrovarnya".


The Ecomilk company decided to separate the production of cheeses fr om fresh milk into a separate line, wh ere there would be value-added cheeses. It was important for us to differentiate it from the basic line of Ecomilk cheeses. The most correct decision in this situation was to bring this line into a separate sub-brand - Ecomilk Syrovarnya. 

We suggested that the company stay in its signature navy blue to create a successor group. For the background, we used a dark blue painted cutting board that has a window to display the cheese. We placed a contrasting diamond-shaped brand on the window, which is quite common in this category to convey the branded products. All the necessary information is right there - cheese from fresh milk, its grade and fat content.

The letter B with a curlicue in the name has a characteristic shape, as if we are whipping cream and making a wonderful cheese. There are 2 SKUs in the line and all are made in the same color scheme. The main differentiator is a strip of a certain color, which highlights the variety of cheese. The food zone also helps to dilute SKUs in the line, demonstrating the cheese itself in its various forms - either in slices, or on crisps or grain bread. In addition to cheese, various ingredients appear - nuts, grapes - which serve as an excellent addition to the product.

The brand is clearly visible on the shelf thanks to the contrasting color combination, diamond-shaped brand, diagonal stripe that differentiates the product well from other players.