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Fish Point is a pleasure to taste.


«Za Rodinu» is a fish processing complex of a full technological cycle, from catching fish to manufacturing finished products. More than 300 technological operations make up a complex process for the manufacture of industrial canned fish.
Modern, high-tech equipment allows the production of more than 50 types of canned fish of the highest quality and more than 200 types of preserves, dried and smoked products
Unique geographic location in the catchment area and a rich fishing tradition. 


To develop a name, logo and packaging design for a new sub-brand of pâtés and riets for the «Za Rodinu» company.


The name of the parent company did not meet the current needs of consumers; a completely different naming was required.

As part of the Vysota workshop, which we held for company employees, a new brand direction for hedonists was developed - a line of value-added fish pies called Fish Point.

Fish Point is an excellent solution for several reasons:

• Going beyond the usual identity patterns in the canned fish category. This name emphasizes the premium and modern approach to the product and evokes associations with an expensive fish restaurant.
• The «point» in the name of the new line is a reference to the place where you want to check in, and in relation to products, share recipes on social networks.
• Translated into Russian, "fish place" evokes the idea of a great catch and increases the credibility of the product.

The packaging is created using our “Three Layers of Efficiency” methodology, which helps to develop a high-converting commercial design.

We have chosen the Latin spelling, it meets the tasks and will definitely attract the attention of buyers.

A noble dark blue color was chosen for the line, corresponding to the premium category of products. The characteristic letter “F” stands out and is visible from afar, they are a visual anchor of the attention of buyers, which is especially important when we work with small packages that will lie on supermarket shelves.
The next step is engagement through an impressive food zone to create an appetite and a desire to try the product in a person. This is also facilitated by the disclosure of the taste characteristics of the product, which we put on the packaging.

The new «Fish Point» line was presented at the international exhibition Prodexpo-2023 in Moscow and is now part of the retail network. This is a tasty and trendy product that meets the needs of today's target audience, allowing you to look differently at the shelf of canned fish. It brings the culture of fish restaurants to retail chains. For «Za Rodinu» company, this is a great opportunity to expand its audience and enter new market segments.