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MISTIC is the perfect self-care formula!


Korea Trade LLC is one of the longest-term and most reliable partners in the world of Korean cosmetics, with many years of successful experience working with leading cosmetics manufacturers/suppliers from Korea, offering the best products for skin care and perfection at the best prices on the Russian market.

MISTIC is a young Korean brand that was created by a huge team of experienced specialists from Korea (cosmetics manufacturers) and a team of Korea Trade specialists who conducted deep, detailed two-year research on the preferences of Russian customers and used their many years of experience with Korean cosmetics to help create the best Korean cosmetic products. MISTIC combines all the benefits of using effective natural ingredients that have earned the love of customers around the world, and the most advanced modern technologies.


Develop a single, visible brand logo and packaging design that will be associated with the prototypes of each of the products.


Korea Trade, along with leading Korean cosmetics manufacturers, have joined forces to create a unique collection of cosmetic products that are superior to their counterparts in the market. We carefully improved the recipe and the effect of the impact, making the products more affordable. With MISTIC it became possible to enjoy high quality products at affordable prices.

The joint work of the most experienced specialists fr om Korea and Russia helped to improve the most popular products in the Korean market to the maximum, and an effective pricing policy helped to make MISTIC an amazing, best Korean brand in terms of quality, efficiency and affordability. All this ensured maximum customer loyalty to the brand and high demand for MISTIC products, which are already on sale in Russia. Absolutely all products are produced at the best production areas in Korea, wh ere the market leaders of Korean skin care cosmetics are also produced.
Creation of one cross-category brand that covers a wide range of categories and makes it easier for the buyer to choose. Thanks to the use of the maximum number of tools to reduce the cost of production, the MISTIC brand team was able to make it more affordable, without compromising quality.

The name MISTIC was developed by "Korea Trade" in cooperation with the best Korean marketers, it is ideal for the brand, it sounds mysterious and magical, reflecting the mystical transformation of female beauty. It is easy to read and remember.
The logo used both Latin script and Korean characters with the signature Seoul to highlight the brand's authenticity and its connection to Korea.

To draw attention and highlight the brand on the shelf, we placed hieroglyphs on a red backing. It serves as a kind of eyecatcher (fixes the movement of the buyer's eyes), which attracts attention and unifies the entire product line.
We have developed a stylish and rather minimalistic design for each category of the brand's products. It differs from the typical bright and cheerful design of Korean cosmetics, which often uses a lot of symbols that customers do not understand. We have highlighted the logo on each package, indicating the category of the product in large and placing the main characteristics and advantages of the product under it, in order to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to choose.

Despite the fact that the packages are different in shape, they are united by a logo and a single design architecture. All products turned out to be very stylish, in bright, fashionable and fresh colors.