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Belogorie — new milk brand from Avida! 


Getbrand agency designed the new TM “Belogorye Milk” for Avida Holding. Due to a noticeable design, the client was able to strengthen his position in the market.


Avida is one of the leaders in the production of dairy products in the Belgorod Region and our long-standing client. In 2018, it was decided to partially switch to a PET bottle for bottling dairy products with short shelf life. For this, the company purchased 2 modern Italian lines for bottling fresh milk and sour-milk products.

The Getbrand team was faced with the task of developing the design of a new brand, Belogorye Milk, and competing with other brands in the oversaturated dairy market.


It was decided to display the brand in the price segment “Medium +”. The emphasis in the development of the new brand was placed on the natural texture of the craft, ascetic color scheme and an honest story about the product.

As a key symbol of the trademark, which should distinguish the brand and be remembered by the buyer, a milk can depicted in the engraving technique was chosen.

The concept creates an image of a natural, clean, farm product. This effect was achieved due to the use of delicate pastel colors, superimposed on the craft texture, work with text messages, including the choice of font sets, as well as deep elaboration of details.