Natural design for “Village Green”

Life is tough for those who inhabit megacities. Mad rhythm of life, stresses, bad ecology, food of unknown origin — these are only some of the things we face every day. And then there is another life: green meadows, limitless sky and cleanest air. We go to the country side so rarely, and every time these little adventures rule our minds for a long time.

These days to find a natural product we don’t have to go to a village, look for some shaky people, bring all the products back to the city in a rubbish packing which can’t keep the freshness. Now we can just pop into a supermarket and buy a high quality, natural product in a very nice convenient pack.. And all that is without going out of town, and sticking to our urban habits.

Our agency has developed a marketing strategy, name and package design for the new brand from “Sarapul Milk” plant.

“Selo Zelenoe” (“Green Village”) is a brand of dairy products which come from real nanny-goats and cows that live on the farms. The producer rigorously controls the whole production process, starting from feeding-stuff preparation.

Materials for points of sale and for promotions

This new brand brings a little bit of nature and naturality, calmness and serenity into our mad urban life rhythm.

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