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Silk Sense - feel only softness and comfort!


In 2019, the OLA! brand was completely rebranded: a new positioning was formed, a new packaging design was developed.
An absolutely new line of OLA for the consumer was introduced to the market - Silk Sense, bringing together all scented products and soft surfaces, as well as new categories. 


We were commissioned to develop a new design for the Silk Sense brand of feminine pads that will make the packaging and logo stand out more on the shelf, remain consistent with the current design and be recognizable by current consumers. It will also have a clear system of differentiation: between positions within the lines, convenient visual navigation, a noticeable area for product benefits, will increase the effectiveness of the contextual and conversion layers of the design, will tell the consumer about the characteristics and benefits of the product.


One of the goals of the rebranding was to rejuvenate the audience of the OLA brand! – to involve young people aged 25-35 as much as possible. An analysis in 2021 found that Silk Sense is perceived by most consumers as a new standalone brand (i.e. not part of OLA!), has a positive perception among young audiences, shows good organic growth, and does not have a “negative story”. Thus, Silk Sense had great potential and strategic importance for the company with its possible decoupling from the OLA brand! and launching into an independent brand.

We suggested starting with an audit of the current packaging design and came to the following conclusions: Silk Sense logo is invisible on the shelf, there are problems in all layers - visual, contextual and conversion.

We've redesigned the logo to be closed and reminiscent of the OLA! logo to keep it connected to the parent brand. We redesigned the packaging architecture by increasing the "flavor zone" and changing the arrangement of design elements. The background color has become more saturated. Conversional messages appeared on the packaging, revealing the properties of the product.

In the new design, the brand immediately became noticeable and visible.

The design was developed as part of the Startup tariff, the purpose of which is to offer the client one most suitable concept after a detailed briefing. As a result, the company does not spend a lot of money on redesign, but at the same time improves the packaging.