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Snacks "Myasnitsky Ryad" - convenient to take with you!


Having begun its history in 2004, today Myasnitsky Ryad is one of the five leaders in the meat gastronomy market of Moscow and the Moscow region. The brand has won the trust and love of customers and more than 1,000,000 people confirm this by daily enjoying the impeccable taste of Myasnitsky Ryad products.

Under the Myasnitsky Ryad brand, not only classic meat products are produced, but also various meat snacks (Kabanos, Chorizotti).


It is necessary to redesign the packaging of meat snacks under the brand "Myasnitsky Row".
The design should be noticeable, understandable and relevant to the consumer, as well as convey the brightness of taste.
It is important that the design is aimed not only at the traditional category of “adult” consumers who purchase such snacks for beer, but also at the target audience of 20+ who find different ways to consume meat snacks.


● It is advantageous to highlight the packaging on the shelf (visibility + memorability);
● Make an attractive food zone (optional);
● Highlight and clearly convey the benefits of the brand and product;
● Develop convenient differentiation by SKU.


As part of a large rebranding of the Myasnitsky Ryad company, we redesigned the line of meat snacks. Unlike the main range of sausages, snacks were a more youthful and bright offshoot. Snacks are produced under the sub-brands Kabanos and Chorizotti. They are not included in the classic line, but the Myasnitsky Ryad brand should be present as a brand guarantee that this product is made by professionals in their field, a company that has earned a certain experience and reputation in the industry.

The change began with a change in name: "Kabanossi" was shortened to a shorter and more sonorous "Kabanos".

We always start any redesign with a design performance evaluation using the “Three Layers of Efficiency” methodology, in which we look at the shelves together with competitors, evaluate the visibility of the product on the shelf, how understandable it is and conveys key benefits and characteristics. The audit consists of 28 parameters that are evaluated by our experts. As a result, we see the effectiveness of each layer and evaluate the following characteristics: in the visual - visibility, memorability, demonstration of taste, in the contextual layer - how well the product name and category are highlighted, in the conversion layer - demonstration of the benefits from the purchase and characteristics.

The current design did not stand out too much from the competition, the food zone was not large enough and tasty, the color scheme was dark enough, so the product was lost on the shelf, it lacked brightness and visibility. But in general, much was done at a good level.

In the new design, we introduced a division into two colors: dark blue and sunny yellow. The names Kabanos and Chorizotti are in large, narrow, conspicuous type. Above the name of the sub-brand, there is a new logo of Myasnitsky Ryad in the form of the letters MR, which are easier to see and read than the name as a whole. On a yellow background, there is a large appetizing food zone, which shows the product itself and the ingredients, plus there is an additional accent line with differentiating flavors within the SKU's. The concept of the updated design was based on the contrast of the logo area and product category to the food group demonstration area. A unified system of color division of the pack allows the brand to create a single, memorable brand block on the shelf and stand out clearly from the competitive environment.

The company systematically approached rebranding, competently integrating new products into the ecosystem for an audience that is not the main one for the company,

This product is already on the shelves of both branded stores and on the shelves of retail chains. Compared to the previous design, there is progress in visibility and recognizability in terms of visuals and branded elements, demonstrating benefits and advantages.