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Sushi Pyatnitsa Company is a self-service cafe and fast delivery of Japanese dishes. The restaurant's menu includes unique rolls, fragrant soups and WOKs, light salads and desserts.


To create a logo for the Sushi Friday chain of cafes, which would convey the values of the company on the one hand, and tell about what they cook here, on the other.


Friday is considered by many to be the best day of the week - work is over, the weekend is ahead and you can devote time to rest. What if we do Friday every day?

This is the concept of the cafe "Sushi Friday" - to give joy to people and create a sense of celebration every day, and not wait all week for the notorious Friday.

Therefore, it was important for us to convey a positive mood in the identity through the use of sunny yellow color and bright emotional corporate identity.
The style of the name shows friendliness: smooth, light lines of the font reflect that this is a place where all guests are welcome. It should be noted that “Sushi Friday” is written in several lines – a compact logo block that looks great both in the Internet space and in offline retail due to horizontal writing and certain accents in some letters. In addition, graphic elements in the form of fish are embedded in the logo block, which give a direct reference to the marine theme of the kitchen, and also symbolically reflect the sign of infinity.
An important part of the project was also the use of protectable symbols that could be registered along with the spelling “Sushi Friday”, so that these graphic accents become elements of the logo - due to this, the patent attorney lined up the registration line with Rospatent.

The result is a bright, optimistic, friendly identity that conveys the concept of the brand: Sushi Friday is the place where you can have a good time, eat delicious food and get a boost of Friday mood every day! A bright corporate identity will definitely help attract a loyal audience and give a good start to the relaunch of the cafe in a new format.