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Zhavoronki - a real creamy taste!


The Yastro company is one of the leaders in the processed cheese market in Russia, which has been on the market for 77 years and is one of the three main enterprises in the industry in terms of production.
Yastro products are high-quality and sought-after products designed for different customer stores. The main trademarks of the company are Rokler (Rokler), Omichka, Zhavoronki, Zhinkina Krynka and Ezheden. 


To create a new design and positioning for the processed cheese brand TM Zhavoronki.


Classic processed cheeses are featured in the retail by such huge players as Viola, Hochland and President. It is important for us to preserve a shelf for the local manufacturer, since these brands are sold in federal retail almost throughout the country. Yastro's products are sold mainly in the Siberian and Ural Autonomous Districts, and it was important to increase the stand-out.

We refused to use a watercolor illustration from the previous design, this trend was used at one time by many manufacturers, including Yastro, but such a design was invisible and incomprehensible to the buyer on the shelf.

To develop the positioning, we formulated the buyer's insight in order to determine his key need.

“In the conditions of life on foot and bad ecology of a big city, I’d prefer to have fresh and high-quality products made from natural ingredients on hand.
Ideally, these products should combine the convenience that we are used to in the city, taste and natural and high-quality composition, which can only be found in farm products”.

Zhavoronki is a brand that gives you the opportunity to get a fresh and natural product in a big city.

A sandwich to school for a child, a snack at work or culinary experiments in the kitchen is a great choice for every situation and every member of the family.

We wanted to reflect the name "Zhavoronki" in the positioning, so we used bright yellow as a key association with the morning and the sun. Thanks to a new prominent logo and a beautiful food zone, the brand looks categorical, tasty and understandable for the buyer.

“Zhavoronki” - for people who appreciate the naturalness, special freshness and genuinely real creamy taste of cheese and butter.