We are a branding agency

Our specialization is the consumer goods market.
We help our customers to sell more to producers, thanks to our effective packaging design.

Getbrand Branding Agency specializes in consumer branding. We offer a full range of services in this area. We are included in the rating of the Top 10 Branding Agencies of Russia and are a member of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia. Since 2013, we have been a member of the Executive Council of the Association. This helps us influence the development of the industry and shape the market for branding services.

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Our services

Package and Logo design

Development of packaging design according to the “Three Layer of Efficiency” methodology, including the development of a brand logo, packaging design architecture, taking into account conversion blocks demonstrating the advantages of the product among your competitors, and preparing files for production.

Rebranding / Redesign

Development of presentation and souvenir materials for the sales managers of our customers: determining contact points at all stages of the sales funnel, brand presentation, marketing kit, demo video, souvenir products, “chain” of emails.

We influence four indicators
in your business

Our task is to make every ruble of invested investments work.

Брендинговое агентство valovaya-vyruchka

Gross revenue

Брендинговое агентство dolya-na-rynke

Market share

Брендинговое агентство vozvrat-investicij
Return on investment rate
Брендинговое агентство loyalniye-pokupateli
Number of loyal customers

We create commercially successful brands

As a result of the redesign, the packaging looks expert and premium, the action and advantages of the product are placed on the front part, it became easy and simple to navigate the line.
Zimniye uzory
The leader in sales in Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region, as well as across all federal and local networks.
Molochnaya Familiya
A true story, a real family - strengthens the sincerity of the brand, inspires others and strengthens the credibility of the manufacturer.
Stilniye shtuchki
The best choice for connoisseurs of original desserts and creative flavors.
Osobaya Kollekciya
A collection of meat delicacies made from natural meat with an impeccable, rich, rich taste.
XP Brew
An “unmistakable choice” for connoisseurs and lovers of craft beer looking for new experiences and a pronounced taste.
A large manufacturer of semi-finished meat products and sausages of different price segments.
Joy for me
A new trendy product with a natural composition for a young audience that follows the trends of healthy eating.
The design focus is on the product itself, which incorporates all the innovative solutions that are on the market.
Epica Simple
We retained our Epica affiliation, but added the Simple line of personality to the product, emphasizing the freshness and lightness of the product in the design.
“Shoki-Toki” is an extraordinary gift, which delight millions of children.
Green Belt
Green Belt preparations are the best protection against pests in your garden.
These are fresh, high-quality, safe and varied traditional fruits grown in Russia.
Thanks to the new design, the packaging was able to take its rightful place on the shelf, and the client was able to expand the geography of sales.
Market Perekrestok
As a result of the redesign, the packaging looks fashionable and relevant, while maintaining brand awareness and individuality.
Quality and tasty vegetables without harmful additives with traditional recipes and cooked to high international standards.
Grand Duet
Delight in taste, a variety of impressions, self-love - all this encompasses the Grand Duet.
As a result, the client received a bright brand playing in the territory of “pleasure”, which won the hearts of gourmets and hedonists.
Bolshiye lakomki
As a result, the client received a bright new brand that immediately won the hearts of customers and showed excellent sales dynamics.
Zdoroviye tradicii
A simple way to make your diet more useful, and the usual goodies - a "healthy tradition."
Belogorye milk
Thanks to a noticeable conversion design, the client was able to expand the audience and strengthen their position in the market.

Our rewards

Together we make cool projects, collect awards
and occupy the top lines of the ratings.

We want to become the No.1 assistant
in achieving sales plans for our customers.

For this, our branding agency offers its own technologies and tools.

Дизайн упаковки - 3 слоя

© Three layers of efficiency

Accurate assessment of packaging design effectiveness as a percentage.


© 3D field

Audit and initial performance assessment your brand.


© Growth platforms

Search for hypotheses of positioning brand.

© Workshop

Creation of brand positioning in a short time, using the resource of the client’s team.

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