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Comprehensive audit of your brand in three dimensions, Value / Product / Communication, with a 58-parameter diagnostic card, a commercial efficiency graph, and our experts’ recommendations on your brand's points of growth.
Audit of the packaging design’s commercial efficiency at the point of sale when surrounded by competitors; considering the three layers, with the creation of a diagnostic 28-parameter design map, a graph of overall efficiency and efficiency of each layer.
Drafting of a strategic document that defines the vector of your brand’s development, based on the knowledge of the product category, competitors, and understanding of the buyer, which forms the value of your brand.
Development of the brand’s original name; that includes a few name options, their full verification against the Rospatent database for the corresponding class of the Nice Classification, and obtaining a state registration patent for it.
Development of packaging design, brand logo, packaging design architecture, taking into account conversion blocks that demonstrate the advantages of the product in the competitive environment, and preparation of files for production.
Creation of the original spelling of the trademark name in accordance with the approved technical specifications. The logo is an important tool for identifying products and services and for separating yourself from competitors.
Identification of the most relevant packaging design option among the target audience using methods of online survey panels, focus groups, neuromarketing research, and in-depth interviews.
Development of presentation and souvenir materials for our clients' sales managers: identifying points of contact on all stages of the sales funnel, preparation of a brand presentation, a marketing kit, a demo video, souvenir products, and an email chain.
Development of a balanced brand portfolio according to the Growth Platforms methodology for the manufacturers who manage several brands. This methodology allows determining the value of the brand for each target audience.
Drafting of a document that defines the vector of your brand promotion development; articulation of the main task; identification of the brand’s archetype, communication scenario, and your brand’s points of contact with your customers.
Creation of a key image for your product’s advertising in accordance with the communication goals of your brand, taking into account the advertising channel, highlighting conversion blocks, and adaptation to other advertising media.
Drafting of a strategic document about the brand, including a marketing and a communication description of the brand, a system of rules and recommendations for the use of the brand’s visual identification, as well as examples of this use.
Involving a group of client’s employees into the process, developing the essence and value of the brand for buyers, creating an idea and vision for the brand, solutions for communication and subsequent implementation and promotion.
Creation of a personal brand for a specialist, an expert, an entrepreneur. In today's world, to remain competitive, you need to create trust between your product and your customer.
Professional creation of the company's brand, articulation of a value proposition, differentiation from competitors, creation of the basic principles of corporate culture and HR brand using the 3D Brand Field® method.
Creation of a product brand, value proposition, differentiation from competitors, communication strategy, recommendations for replicating packaging design to other SKUs and media.
Creation of product conversion cards using professional photography with a demonstration of the benefits and advantages of the product. Creation of video materials demonstrating the use of the product.

Working with us, you get:

  • 01 / Responsibility for meeting project deadlines
  • 02 / Individual approach to brand development
  • 03 / Audit of your current situation
  • 04 / Comprehensive problem-solving for your strategic marketing
  • 05 / Creation of a unique patent-worthy name
  • 06 / Effective commercial brand design
  • 07 / Patent expertise and protection
  • 08 / Defining standards for brand use
  • 09 / Professional pre-print and pre-production preparation
  • 10 / Consulting on every stage

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Work begins

Our Clients’ Reviews

In 2018, the Iskrenne Vash brand was given a new life: the redesign, the first TV/online advertisement, the launch of a new dairy plant, and new products.

Fyodor Weis, Marketing Department, Agropromkomplektatsiya Group of Companies

We express our gratitude to the entire Getbrand agency team for their utmost professionalism and involvement in the project.

Sergey Parinov, Marketing Director at Bonduelle-Kuban LLC

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and on my own behalf, I thank you for participating in the webinar on April 20, 2020 on the topic of "Development of a regional brand as an effective mechanism for promoting Russian territories."

S. Selivanov, Director of the Department of Exhibition and Congress Activities at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Getbrand LLC is our partner in the development of creative packaging design, printing, and corporate identity elements.

S. Ganin, Head of Consumer Marketing Department at Gazprom Neft PJSC

COSMOS GROUP LLC has been successfully working with the Getbrand branding agency for more than 3 years.

S. Kuzmicheva, Deputy General Director for Marketing at COSMOS GROUP LLC

Tetra Pak JSC has been working with Getbrand LLC since 2010.

Igor Pomerantsev, Category Manager at Tetra Pak JSC

Mondi Sales CIS has been successfully cooperating with the Getbrand branding agency since June 2022. During this relatively short period of time several major projects have been implemented.

Alexey Shamin, CEO of Mondi Sales CIS LLC

BWT BARRIER RUS JSC thanks the Getbrand agency for assistance in creating the packaging concept for the flow-through water filters, filter jugs and replaceable cartridges for them.


We thank the Getbrand agency for the work done on the project of developing a new corporate identity for AGORA.

Shaizada Baikenova, Agora Company LTD

Getbrand LLC has been our partner in the development of creative packaging design for Hochland Russland LLC for 5 years.

Brand manager, Hochland LLC

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— For every business owner

For someone who makes a product that retail chains sell and who would like to re-experience the genuine joy of their business, to increase gross revenue, market share, and return on investment

— For those who work for a manufacturer in marketing and sales

and want to become useful by selling more, relying on brand technologies, realizing themselves as a super professional


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