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A Special Collection is a special treat!


The Chernyshihinsky meat processing plant is the only meat processing plant in the Nizhny Novgorod region, built in an ecologically clean area, far from the bustle of the city, among meadows and copses!

All stages of production — our own slaughterhouse, preparation of raw materials and spices, production of products, packaging of products, delivery to stores and sales are subject to strict multi-stage verification.


The manufacturer decided to expand the assortment and create a line of ready-made meat dishes.

Since we had previously successfully worked with the Chernyshihinsky meat-packing plant, they commissioned our agency to create the packaging for the new brand.


The brand “Chernyshihinskoe Meat” is perceived by the consumer as natural, tasty, fresh, his own and dear.

The target audience of the new brand is hedonists and gourmets who are sophisticated in their gastronomic passions, like to try new products and follow current trends. Today, there is a big trend for natural farm products, but this alone is not enough to attract the right audience.

Buyer’s insight: «It is often too simple food with no frills. I’m used to a different level, so I would love to buy gourmet farm products — meat delicacies that match my style and lifestyle. They have to be truly premium: sophisticated and crafted by people who know a lot about cooking. For example, it can be the author’s recipes of the chefs.

Using our methodology “Platforms of Growth”, we have defined the positioning territory and selected the main territories of individuality and pleasure.

A special collection was created according to the recipes of the famous Nizhny Novgorod chef Igor Artamonov, brand chef of the restaurant chain “Domashnyaya Italia”. We invited him to Moscow to do a photo shoot for packaging.

Therefore, the packaging does not depict an abstract character, but a real person whom everyone knows and trusts well. That stirs up the audience’s interest in the new brand and in acquaintance with the new product.

The design was developed according to our proprietary method “3 layers of efficiency”.

In the visual layer, we focused on the food zone and taste, showed cooked dishes surrounded by aromatic spices and sauces.

In the contextual context, they clearly indicated the product category, composition, “tasty” description of the dish and all other necessary information.

In the conversion layer, they brought all the advantages and values ​​of the brand onto the packaging, talking about the naturalness of the product and supporting the copywriting with a photograph of the chef with his personal signature.

“Special Collection” is a collection of ready-made dishes from natural meat with an impeccable, rich, rich taste.