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Alpina — an incomparable taste of Siberian beer!


The Alpina, a brewery in the Republic of Khakassia, began operations in 2002 when a beer production line was launched. The company has a large assortment of beer, both draft and bottled, and today is present in all price segments.


After optimizing the brand portfolio and creating the brand platform, we were commissioned to update the look of Alpina brand beer.


During the rebranding of Alpina, we revealed an insight of the target audience, the backbone of which was composed of traditionalists and rationalists.

“I would like to be sure that I choose a good product from our producer, but it is hard to find out where the beer is really brewed and understand how one differs from the other? Most often you have to buy a ‘pig in a poke’ or rely on the recommendations of the family and others. ”

We reformulated the resulting insight into an “inspirational question” in order to identify the problem and aspirations of the buyer and give him what he wants:

“How to help rational traditionalists find a product that they could be proud of and give them confidence that it is a product whose quality is in no way inferior to imported, and the taste is different, but for the better?”

And after that we started to work on visual semantics.

Alpina really has many advantages — water from environmentally friendly sources of Khakassia, trusted suppliers, a modern plant and production quality control, continuous process improvement. All this had to be told and shown through the packaging. The design was developed according to our methodology “3 layers of efficiency”, thanks to which we create truly working and highly converting packaging.

Visual layer

A differentiating strip appeared on the packaging, creating visibility and recognition on the shelf. We updated the fonts and moved away from mimicry to European descent. On the contrary, we introduced the nature of Khakassia into the logo to emphasize the place of production and a sense of pride for their land. The former abstract image was made a seal-mark of quality.

Context layer

It became more informative: the taste / degree / type of beer — we brought all the characteristics important to the buyer to the front, they became noticeable and easily readable.

Conversional layer

Reflects all RTB (reasons to believe) of the product. We have created a “passport” for the product, in which the main advantages are highlighted (“water from an artesian well brewed in Khakassia”), the taste is described, and there is even a recommendation for choosing a glass for each beer.