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Alti — anticipating pleasure!


We were commissioned to redesign the packaging of white-mold cheeses, adapting the brand positioning to the B2C direction and preserving the image of the current European brand that has established itself in the market and meets the attributes, without mixing with «Italians» and «farmers». 


Having studied the competitors and target audience, we decided to use the brand territory «Pleasure» using our methodology «Platforms of Growth».

Cheese with white mold can emphasize both the taste of a person and the beauty of the moment, adding an aesthetic zest to the cheese plate, to the glass of wine, and to the table as a whole. Looking for options for serving them, picking jams, nuts and fruits is a separate pleasure that requires the use of imagination and inspiration.

Therefore, the essence of the brand is defined by three words — in anticipation of pleasure. Alti are cheeses that turn a classic appetizer into a little celebration.

The packaging design reinforces this idea. In the center of the package there is a rather laconic food zone, in which the main attention is focused on the cheese and the version of its serving, which helps the consumer to quickly navigate the shelf and understand what kind of product is inside the package. The red grapes go well with the color scheme of the packaging and add an extra sense of freshness to the food zone.

The engraving with a cow at the top of the package speaks of tradition and naturalness. The white background enhances the laconic design of the packaging and, in combination with the large contrasting logo, makes it noticeable on the shelf of any store.

The updated positioning allows to build a mono-brand portfolio strategy with a single value core and positioning, but with the ability to bring individual product lines to fit a variety of formats.

The packaging design looks neat and stylish, creating a «photogenic brand» image that fits in with the shopper’s lifestyle and his Instagram feed.