Azbuka Syra – total rebranding!


Azbuka Syra LLC is one of the largest producers of cheese, butter, and whey powder in Russia. All products are made only from natural cow's milk purchased in the Republic of Tatarstan and nearby regions. The production site of the company is the Mamadysh Cheese and Butter Factory, founded in 1974. For almost 50 years of activity, the milk processing capacity has reached 500 tons per day, the production of finished products exceeds 20,000 tons per year.
Cheese production is a key area of the company's production activities. At the end of 2020 Azbuka Syra LLC is one of the top 10 largest cheese producers in Russia. The company's products are presented in 66 regions of the country, in more than 200 settlements with a total population of over 100 million people - this is 2/3 of the population of Russia. In March 2022 after a complete reconstruction, the production building was launched, which made it possible to increase production capacity by 25%.
Together with the renewal of production, the company expanded the range of packaged cheeses and updated the design. 


To create a recognizable design that can highlight the brand on the shelf, "move" federal and local competitors, clearly and effectively convey the benefits of the product and brand.


Initially, the company commissioned us to make an audit and analysis of the current packaging in terms of commercial effectiveness. The final score was quite low - 36%.

The audit revealed the following problems: the invisibility of the packaging and logo, poor differentiation of cheese varieties, the absence of a conversion layer - the packaging did not answer the question "why you need to buy this particular brand?"

Therefore, the new design is radically different from the previous one, retaining only the “AS” logo in a wax seal with a leaf as a distinctive feature by which customers could identify the brand, they are familiar with. But even the logo has been noticeably enlarged to become more memorable and recognizable.

Depending on the type of cheese, color differentiation appeared on the packaging, due to the combination of two contrasting colors, the brand gained high visibility on the shelf. We registered the category and variety of cheese, developed appetizing food zones and conversion labels - "from fresh natural milk" and "28 selection parameters", added flavor descriptions - "soft spicy taste", "pronounced baked milk aroma".

Now the packaging answers the question of the consumer “why buy this particular product?”.

In the new design, the packaging efficiency has approached 80%, and we see a great potential for the brand to reach the federal level - a wide range, high-quality raw materials, an excellent name that appeals to the fact that the manufacturer knows everything about cheese from A to Z, and a bright conversional design.