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Berezkino — choose your own!


The Idilika Food portfolio included the brand Berezkino, which combines a line of dairy products. But marketing research has shown that the target audience does not understand the brand’s positioning, and the product itself is lost on the shelf. It was necessary to take measures and the company commissioned our agency to redesign the packaging.


In the design development, we used our technology “3 layers of efficiency”.

Visual layer

The naming “Berezkino” is very emotional and dear to all the Russian people. To reinforce these sensations, we placed the name n birch leaf, since birch in the context of Russian culture is the soul of Russia and its unofficial symbol.

The combination of sky blue and green gives contrast and attracts attention, giving the impression of a leaf swaying against the sky.

The rustic style font additionally adds a sense of coziness and warmth. A mouth-watering food zone adds flavor.

Context layer

We increased differentiation due to the color bar below. All the necessary information about the composition of the product is on the label.

Conversion layer

The slogan “Choose your own” catches the audience, evoking a sense of trust and, together with the visual layer, appeals to naturalness and quality.