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Bergauf - a real assortment for renovation!


Bergauf is a company actively developing the direction of development, production and sale of building materials. Today "Bergauf" is the largest brand on the territory of the Russian Federation, which has several of its own production sites, where the company's resources allow to ensure maximum efficiency.

Bergauf ranks fourth in the production of dry building mixes in Russia. It has five factories and a research center that develops innovations and modern materials for construction. 


Bergauf commissioned us to redesign the package of its brand, connected with implementation of a new marketing strategy. The existing packaging design did not reflect the essence of the brand, which the company was planning for the near future.


The new strategy laid a benchmark for a more emotional vector of the company's development experience, which would appeal to the consumer: Bergauf inspires to change, it is easy to create, dream and make dreams come true with it.

It was important to highlight a specific architectural system that allows you to look the same on all shelves. Broadcast a single vector of marketing strategy to the buyer, staying within the category for each product.

The first thing what we had done was an audit using our “Three Layers of Efficiency” methodology, which helped to understand what can be left and what should be strengthened. For testing, we took two categories of products - waterproofing mastic and a deep penetration primer. The analysis revealed a number of points that required a more detailed study of the packaging.

The Bergauf system should look in the same style regardless of the product category: through the logo, input that would set the corporate identity for all lines.

The redesign was carried out in the packaging of interior and exterior paints with further replication of the new design for the rest of the assortment by Bergauf company. In the new design, a diagonal has been added as the main element.

The diagonal movement vector represents the development of the brand. The colored bar below the diagonal helps to categorize the product. For the same purpose, the image in the package also serves: a beautiful interior - on paint for interior decoration, and the facade of the house - on paint for exterior decoration. On the front of the package, we indicated the product category, its characteristics and benefits from the purchase in the form of claims.

Conducted audit after redesign showed a high efficiency of the new packaging. The design is easy to self-translate into other product categories within the Bergauf brand. We have taken a big step forward in creating a brand on the shelf and in the mind of the buyer. We hope that the redesign will help Bergauf maintain its leadership position, increase its product on the shelf, strengthen its position in each category and increase sales.