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Biactiv is a natural activator of health and beauty


Studies of the market of fermented milk products show that the trend for healthy eating is gaining momentum, and yogurt is the most dynamic category in terms of launching new products in Russia and the world.

Considering the desire of people to eat high-quality, healthy food, the company Dalimo decided to create a brand of functional dairy products Biaktiv — a line of biokefirs and bioyogurts, which, due to vitamins and prebiotics in its composition, contributes to the health of beauty and saturates with energy.

We were assigned to develop positioning and design for the new product.


Considering the fact that the company is not transnational, we needed to draw attention to the young brand and highlight it on the shelf.

After a thorough analysis of competitors, we identified a promising and fairly free brand territory «Energy and Freedom» and chose a brand color that was not used in the category previously.

The sunny yellow color of the package conveys a feeling of cheerfulness and energy and carries a charge of positiveness and happiness. Bright and mouth-watering images of berries and grains focus on the flavor of the product.

The letter A folded from green leaves in the logo block (A-active) works for memorability and brand recognition.

The Biactive line includes bioyogurts for breakfast, enriched with vitamin B, for a snack during the day with vitamin E, and for the evening with vitamin C and a prebiotic that stimulates digestion.

To help the buyer quickly understand the difference and navigate in choosing the right product for every moment, on the front part, we have placed all the information about vitamins, reinforcing each of them with benefits («healthy snack», «energized») and highlighted with a colored belt with the recommendation at what time days it is better to use each specific product.

The result is a line of functional products that stands out on the shelf and feels good among the brands of multinational companies.