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BioMio — when cleaning is a pleasure!


BioMio is a Russian trade mark of ecological household chemicals owned by Splat-Cosmetics LLC. The brand produces laundry detergents, tablets for dishwashers, dishwashing detergents. These are the only Russian-made household chemicals that have the “Leaf of Life” certificate.


Splat Cosmetics decided to relaunch the BioMio line of cleaning products and the first SKU of the relaunch supposed to be the Universal Spray.

The first challenge the client gave us was an audit using our “3 layers of efficiency” methodology to test the effectiveness of the current packaging design and its ability to compete with major brands in the home cleaning category such as Fairy and AOS.

These brands did not declare their naturalness, but at the same time in their communications they perfectly played out the idea of ​​efficiency, which was not in BioMio’s communications.

The next step was to work on the packaging redesign. 


The design audit showed that BioMio’s products did not stand out too much from the competition. BioMio smoothed very harmonious and sustainable design with low contrast colors did not contribute to brand visibility on the shelf.

We worked through and clarified the brief after the audit. It was important to preserve the brand attributes and iconic colors of the portfolio, as well as remain in the brand identity, but make BioMio visible on the shelf and highlight the brand’s effectiveness in communications

We decided to remove unnecessary “landscapes” on the packaging that do not convey the purpose of the product, such as trees, waterfalls, the look of an old oven. We left one element — the lamb and made it big and noticeable.

After we removed all unnecessary elements from the background, the packaging acquired a clear structure: a brand block with a lamb on the left side, on the right, according to the classics, all category claims were located — “7 in 1”, “for all kitchen surfaces, furniture, bathroom and toilet ”.

As a result of the redesign, key accents appeared in the packaging, it acquired a clear positioning, conveying the idea of ​​naturalness and efficiency.

An audit of the new design showed that the effectiveness of all layers has increased. We left the current brand attributes, strengthened them and create category claims that tell the buyer about the effectiveness of the product.