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Big gourmands - the joy of being together!

About the project

We were commissioned us to create a cross category brand for Udmurtskaya bread company.


The company was experiencing problems with the product: outdated packaging, lack of brands, classic Soviet assortment of gingerbread and cookies. At the same time, competitors in retail chains looked modern and fresh.

Therefore, just the redesign was not enough, and it was decided to conduct a workshop in order to find new brand areas, better understand our customers and decide what to do with the products further, so that it would be interesting for the modern consumer.


The strategic session brought together employees and buyers of products of both local and federal networks. And this helped to understand the consumer problem (why do people buy these products at all) and identify the main insight.

When buying gingerbread cookies or biscuits, people experience the joy of unity. For them, this is not just a product, but the opportunity to spend a pleasant evening with a family with a cup of tea, discuss the latest news.
These emotions needed to be expressed both in the name and in the design. The name «Big Gourmands» perfectly conveys the atmosphere of coziness and joy and gives the impression of a small cozy town in which everyone knows each other and is always happy to visit or have a little chat at a sudden meeting.

International Shipping

The entire assortment of this brand was combined with a warm yellow color, which helped to create the brand color on the shelf, highlight the manufacturer and resist federal brands.

But while competing with federal brands, it was important to remain local, as the product is local and is mainly aimed at Udmurtia. In addition, freshness is especially important in this category. And who can be the freshest and most natural? Of course, local manufacturers.

A contrasting logo with the slogan “Where happiness is” and a cozy food area with details such as a bow that ties cookies and pastille, give the impression that this is a product for family and loved ones.

Shipping anywhere

Sarapul is an old merchant city in which many historical buildings and estates have been preserved, and we could not help but reflect this rich history on the packaging. The background is the author’s drawings, which depict the key attractions of Sarapul, including the cottage of Bashinin, considered one of the symbols of the city.

Our brand recreates the joys of good neighborliness and “Big Gourmands” is a place you want to return to even if you have never been there, where there are always fresh sweets on the table, which make you put things off for later and gather family, friends, colleagues at the same table, and sometimes neighbors.

“Big Gourmands” create the very atmosphere of chamber intimacy, where everyone knows each other and looks forward to meeting, and helps to feel yourself in your place — in a place where everyone is happy!