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BorisHof Group of Companies is the only dealer in Russia that was part of the international automotive holding Inchcape, represented on all continents of the world.
After Inchcape announced its withdrawal from the Russian market, the company faced the need to strengthen the already independent BorisXof brand. In addition, the company plans to continue the active development of sales of used cars of various brands.


To develop a logo design and logo book for the BorisXof brand.

The logo design should reflect the leadership, reliability, safety and premium nature of the company.
At the same time, it is important to maintain continuity in the discreet color schemes of the Inchcape corporate identity (gray and red are optional) and the text spelling of the name "BorisXof" with capital letters "B" and "X".
However, in addition to the solidity of the brand, which has long been inseparable from Inchcape, it is important to reflect the beginning of the "new history of the brand", adding more energy to design, innovation and forward movement.


For a long time, the company's identity used a fairly simple logo written in a standard font, as well as the main logos of the car brands that it sold. At the moment, the company is expanding the range of auto brands for Russians. BorisXof Group of Companies is not only a dealer, but also a service for the maintenance and preparation of used cars, which includes a wide range of services in the car market: from auto insurance to lending and leasing.

The company decided to create a new corporate identity for the BorisHof group of companies, and we were faced with the ambitious task of looking into the future, analyzing where the car market would go and embodying trends in identity design.
We proposed a new style that was inspired by a certain visual semantic range, inspired by both modern car logos and their exteriors and interiors. The classic instrument panel has been replaced by liquid crystal panels, LED interior lighting has appeared, the design is dominated by broken lines that determine the dynamic appearance of the car.

In the new logo, we used a dynamic font assembled from broken shapes. The letter X is a signature element that emphasizes the drive and expresses the essence of the business thanks to the accent arrow. This element perfectly forms the basis of supergraphics, replacing the word “BorisXof” if necessary, since people associate this symbol with the company. It can be used both in souvenirs and in merch, as well as in graphics for corporate vehicles and in the design of salons.

We have also developed a guidebook on the use of corporate identity, in which we have provided for all situations and nuances of using the logo. Since BorisXof is a premium service with high standards, we use a range of noble colors - graphite color combined with silver and white letters, with red accents, which gives us an association with sporty drive and a sense of speed.