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Bread master — made in Udmurtia!


Udmurtskaya Bread Company is a large producer of flour, bread and confectionery products in Udmurtia. The company unites several bakeries, a confectionery factory, and retail.


The Udmurtskaya Bread Company has never been engaged in marketing and branding of its products and until recently existed thanks to its resources. With the arrival of federal networks in the republic, it began to experience fierce competition.

We were commissioned to develope effective brands for the range of products manufactured by the company in a short period of time. This includes traditional bread, baked goods, value-added bread, and confectionery.


In order for the whole team to realize the value of change, we held a two-day strategic working session “Workshop Vysota” together with all key employees of the company from different enterprises: bakeries, confectionery factories responsible for marketing, sales, product, logistics.

At the workshop, the team of the client plunged into the world of the buyer. Value propositions, ideas for new products and promotions were created.

After the end of the strategy session, our team developed brand names and designs based on the materials of the workshop.

At the workshop, the company’s employees had the opportunity to look at customers from a different perspective. Many of them did not come across real buyers, as they baked bread and worked in production. We invited real people who buy the company’s products to the workshop. For about an hour, the participants talked with customers and found out their attitude to bread, to competitors, learned how they choose bread and what is important to them.

Before meeting with customers, the sales department was sure that the price plays the main role in the choice, thinking that people choose cheaper bread. But this myth was dispelled, as it turned out that the price is far from the first place. First of all, people are interested in taste, aroma, crisp crust, freshness of bread.

There were no branded products on the bread shelves of Udmurtia. Basically, all the bread was wrapped in polyethylene without any information about the composition, benefits, manufacturer. It was the same with our client.

The main consumer insight was determined — the buyer chooses a product, the quality and composition of which inspires confidence. But since he himself is not a professional and cannot appreciate the naturalness and quality of the ingredients, he needs help.

Hence the concept of the Bread Master was born — this was the name of the new brand — bread, which is baked conscientiously by Udmurt masters.

The package now has an image of a baker holding fresh bread in his hands. In addition, we talked about the advantages of the product — that bread is baked in Udmurtia from our own flour. And the time from oven to counter is only 4 hours.

On the flip side, we showed the entire production cycle and how much time is spent on each stage, from preparation of ingredients to delivery to points, thereby showing customer confidence and loyalty to the product.

After a certain time, the brand’s trust in the region has greatly increased. After a large-scale rebranding, the client launched advertising campaign, the models for which were the technologists working at the enterprise.

Now sales are showing good dynamics, and the return on investment began in the first year after the brand was developed and continues to this day.