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Cheboksarskiy plombir — favorite since childhood!


The Volga Ice company has been producing ice cream since 1974. The subject of special pride of the enterprise is the famous Cheboksary ice cream, the taste and quality of which have remained unchanged for ten years. Ice cream is available in waffle cups and sugar cones, popsicles, plastic cups, containers, bags and in special packaging for catering.


After the global rebranding of the main assortment of Volga-Ice and the creation of brands for new products, we were commissioned to redesign the whole assortment, the main one in which was and remains the Cheboksary ice cream.

The main task was to stand out on the shelf among competitors and get into the field of view of the buyer, who is accustomed to the variegation of both naming and packaging in the category, and also to make it clear that our ice cream is a “smart choice”.


The design update was due to several reasons. First, it was necessary to enhance the visibility of the packaging design in the refrigerator, while maintaining maximum recognition. We never risk the sales of our clients, especially when it comes to bulk. Therefore, regardless of whether we like this design or not, if it sells well, then we are faced with the task of how to make the product sell even better. The main strategy for growth, in our opinion, is to increase the visibility of the package while maintaining the iconic design codes by which it can be recognized.

The second factor to redesign is assortment expansion. The manufacturer planned to launch a whole range of flavors, which would include, in addition to the usual ice cream, popsicle in chocolate glaze, as well as briquettes in a family format.

We started by changing the logo, making it as consistent as possible. Having retained the main color codes — a dark blue background, a red inscription Cheboksarskiy ice cream, a handwritten font — we introduced the main elements of the city’s architecture into the logo, by which one can easily recognize Cheboksary. The historic embankment of Cheboksary is decorated with the most grandiose monument of Chuvashia — the monument “Mother Patroness”. We introduced it into the logo, thereby strengthening the connection of the product with Cheboksary.

A distinctive visual element in the entire line is a circle that focuses attention on the logo and is a logo module that moves from one SKU to another. A dark blue background with tints of light blue, creating the illusion of diverging circles, gives the package volume and depth.

Thanks to the food zone, the buyer can easily imagine what kind of ice cream is inside, see the structure, consistency, taste.

As a result of the redesign, sales increased not only due to an increase in assortment volume, but because we increased the visibility of packaging and conversion — in terms of demonstrating the food zone. Now ice cream can easily be found on the shelf and can compete with federal brands.