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Chernyi Kaban - bet on black!


Chernyi Kaban is a brand of unique meat delicacies made from juicy selected pork, flavored with natural, well-chosen spices and covered with caramel syrup at the final stage of smoking.


The existing design lacked a brand character that would reflect the character of the brand and would be relevant to the target audience, would allow one to associate with it and could be present in the brand's communications.

Therefore, our task was to develop a design that:

1) Will be relevant to the target audience,
2) Will reveal the character of the brand: wild, daring, brutal,
3) Will have the potential for development in communications and souvenirs. 


The old design looked good, but there was no brand character as such. The label featured a wild boar, but it did not reflect the brand's character at all.

The target audience of the brand is active men who appreciate new experiences, have expertise, have experience in cooking delicious food and enjoy spending time both at home with their family and in a company of friends. They are ready for new different tastes, looking for delicious delicacies for themselves, relevant to the inner sensations of the breadwinner, hunter. 

We redesigned the brand without changing the value and positioning. They left the hexagon and black color, but changed the brand hero a lot, working on the look and making it charismatic and more daring. The brand name has become clear and expressive.

The new logo has fangs in the letter A, which reveals character and adds a little malice to it. The design has turned out to be catchy and more visible on the shelf thanks to the increased white space around the hexagon and a more “knocked down” logo. We have unloaded the label, removing unnecessary elements from it. Our character brand looks great on merchandise and gives its owner a certain degree of coolness. In addition, it fits perfectly into social networks and can be easily used in advertising campaigns with bloggers who are close to the character in archetype.

The project turned out to be a succession, but we brought it to perfection in terms of shelf and character. The packaging design has become more masculine, with a pronounced character that reflects brand positioning and is relevant to the target audience.