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Chernyshikhinsky semi-finished products - cooking has become even easier!


Chernyshikhinsky Meat Processing Plant is the only meat processing plant in the Nizhny Novgorod region, built in an ecologically clean area, away from the bustle of the city, among meadows and copses!
All stages of production - own slaughterhouse, preparation of raw materials and spices, production of products, packaging of products, delivery to stores and sale are subject to strict multi-stage verification. 


To create a packaging design for a line of ready-made semi-finished products.


The category of ready-made semi-finished products is gaining volume in retail, as in the rhythm of the metropolis, more and more people appreciate every free minute and are not ready to spend a lot of time on cooking. It’s convenient to come home, take frozen cutlets out of the refrigerator, throw them into the pan and voila, dinner is ready in 15 minutes.

For the new line of Chernyshikhinsky semi-finished products, we have developed a packaging design that shows the product as much as possible, so that people can evaluate the freshness and quality of the products with their own eyes. We also used a transparent sticker, refusing from the paper ones we are used to in order to leave the packaging as transparent as possible.

The design is made according to the Three Layers of Efficiency method: the packaging has a prominent Chernyshikhinsky Meat logo, which is well known to customers.

In the context layer, we focus on the category. The food zone helps to understand how the ready product will look like. It is important to demonstrate the food zone, since in this category it is practically not found or is done formally. In our case, the food zone looks chic and motivates the consumer to buy.

We put additional benefits and characteristics in the hallmarks, indicating the composition, nutritional value and benefits from the purchase. The novelty was liked by buyers, from the first month of sales showing a high frequency of purchases.