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Cheryomushki are really delicious!


The Cheryomushki plant is one of the leading manufacturers of bakery products in Moscow, founded in 1973.
The Cheryomushki brand produces a wide range of bakery and confectionery products, as well as frozen products in the medium and medium + price segments.



In 2021, a decision was made to restyle the packaging of the traditional bread line and launch several product lines aimed at a young audience.

Based on the classic line and the line of breads with added benefits, we were commissioned to create a new style of packaging for bread that would be relevant to modern consumers, noticeable on the shelf and effectively convey the benefits and value of the product while maintaining brand recognition.


Over the years of the existence of the Cheryomushki brand, the target audience has expanded, a new generation has grown up, for which the current design wasn’t relevant. In addition, many competing brands have restyled their classic bread lines and launched sub-brands in the functional bread category that consumers loved.

Before starting work, we conducted an audit using our “Three Layers of Efficiency” methodology, analyzed the shelf and realized that Cheryomushki brand products do not stand out on it in and look like a solid red spot.
The weak efficiency of the current design led to the fact that it was necessary to make drastic changes. The only thing that we left the same and decided not to touch for now is the logo so that loyal customers can recognize the brand they are used to.

In the new design, the entire architecture has changed completely. A food zone appeared in the form of an appetizing sandwich, and a conversion layer was developed. Each line has its own signature color. The stripes in the “tail” zone give the brand visibility and advantage, since it is the bread shelf that is quite chaotic, unlike, for example, yogurt or dairy, and here it is important to be noticeable and easily recognizable from any side, be it the front, side or “tail”.

The entire line includes 16 SKUs. The company is gradually introducing this design to the market, and we sincerely hope that thanks to restyling, the brand will gain a new breath and a loyal audience.