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Clean House — really cozy!


The commercial and industrial company Technoexport specializes in the production of household chemicals that improve the human environment and preserve the results of his labors. The list of manufactured products includes plant protection products, fertilizers and soil, insect and rodent repellents, as well as household goods, artificial plants and garden tools.

Under the brand “Clean House”, products are manufactured to protect living quarters from flying, crawling insects and rodents.


After successful cooperation with Technoexport as part of the Green Belt brand redesign, we were commissioned to redesign their other TM “Clean House” — a series of specialized and universal means for protecting the house from rodents and destroying harmful insects.

We were tasked with analyzing the situation on the market of household chemicals against insects. Assess the main competitors and how they communicate with the audiencĕ, how they present their advantages to customers. And on the basis of the audit, create a conversion design of the package for the “Clean House” TM.


Redesign of any product starts with an audit and analysis of the situation in the household chemicals market, assessing the shelf and the effectiveness of the client’s and competitors’ brands.

For analysis, we took a shelf in a DIY store, where Clean House is presented, replete with strong offers from Raid, Raptor, Commander. Unfortunately, our client did not look very noticeable among them and the first seconds of the buyer’s attention were taken by competitors.

The efficiency of the packaging was low — only 35%. The problems were the following: the information on the package was not always clear, the value was not reflected, and there was no offer for the buyer.

We also evaluated competitors who had much higher performance indicators: Raid came first with an overall efficiency of 74%, Commander came second (73%), and Raptor was the third (68%).

The conclusions and recommendations were as follows:

1. Make the packaging brighter, more visible and memorable on the shelf.

2. The logo and name should be displayed larger in order to be more visible and readable.

3. It is necessary that the packaging is more consistent with the category and conveys specific benefits, the value of the “Clean House” for the consumer.

4. For this, it is important to redesign the packaging architecture — to define the hierarchy of inscriptions and stamps.

We decided to write the name “Clean House” in two lines in order to highlight the logo and make it dominant.

The word “house” is in large print, and the letter O is reminiscent of a green house, associated with a clean house, in which there are no insects. The design has a clear division of the brand area and the contextual and conversion parts of the package, enclosed in a diagonal.

In the diagonal there is a stylization of lightning, hinting at the rapid destruction of insects, and on it we focus the attention of the buyer, telling him that this is a product with a reinforced formula, instant action, odorless and with one hundred percent result.

This packaging architecture helps both color and graphics convey the offer to the consumer and make navigation easier and more noticeable.

The redesigned shelf looks different. The brand is easy to find and looks catchy and aggressive among competitors, which is very good for this category.

At the moment, Clean House is not inferior in packaging efficiency to such federal brands as Raptor, Kombat and looks up to par. After the redesign, the frequency of purchases increased compared to the season of last year.