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Curd cheese Ecomilk - for culinary masterpieces


Ecomilk has long been engaged in the production and sale of milk, butter and cheese, occupying a significant market share. Butter is produced under the Ecomilk brand, and in 2015 the company decided to expand the range and introduce new items — milk and sour cream. In 2019 Ecomilk launches the production of flavored yoghurts.


To develop a package design for a new Ecomilk curd cheese.


Curd cheese is widely used in cooking, so the focus in the design was on the informativeness and variety of dishes that can be prepared from this product. 

The design itself has a classic architecture: the Ecomilk logo, a large product category and a demonstration of dishes, the main ingredient of which is curd cheese – sushi, cheesecake.

An appetizing contrasting food zone against the background of the dark blue Ecomilk corporate color allows the product to stand out on the shelf and have an advantage over competitors, including very serious brands that have value in the market.