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Curd cheese Ekomilk - delicate creamy taste!


Ecomilk has been producing and selling milk, butter and cheese for more than 15 years, and is one of the market leaders in terms of sales.

The visiting card company is butter "Cream". The company is constantly expanding its expertise in the category of dairy products: in 2019, the Solo line of yogurts entered the market, and in 2022, new lines of soft cheeses. 


To develop packaging design for Ekomilk curd cheeses.


During a large workshop that we held for Ecomilk, new ideas were generated for products that the company could produce in addition to traditional milk.
One of these areas has become a line of soft curd cheeses. Cream cheese was the first to be developed for making homemade culinary delights such as rolls and cheesecakes. 

Ecomilk also launched the production of curd cheese for sandwiches.

It was important to separate the two proposals according to their content so that people would not confuse the products within the Ecomilk soft cheese line.

If the design of the cream cheese used a dark blue color, which is well associated with a cold shelf and freshness, then in the design of the new cheese, it was important for us to show the tenderness and creaminess of this SKU. Therefore, a light blue color was chosen, which is typical for the category, but stands out from the competition due to the addition of a purple tint. For this SKU, a different jar shape is also used - not square, but oval. The mouth-watering food zone, in addition to demonstrating the product, contains ideas of what can be prepared using curd cheese: on the front side there is a bagel with salmon, a popular dish in various coffee shops, and on the side, zucchini rings with caviar, a gourmet snack that you can do at home. The claim «new product» on a red background draws attention to the new product.

Under the lid is a foil layer containing additional ideas for quick snacks. The lid and jar are made in the same color to create a noticeable one-piece brand block on the shelf.
The design fits perfectly into the Ecomilk corporate identity, complementing the line of cheeses well and at the same time having its own architecture.