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Dario Wellness - charge yourself with cheerfulness!


SUNFRUIT LLC is a company specializing in the production of 100% juices, nectars and drinks under the brands Dario Wellness, Krasavchik, Fruit Island, GO ON and Rule of Taste. The products are supplied to most regions of the Russian Federation - from Kaliningrad and Sochi to Krasnoyarsk and Yakutia, as well as to countries near and far abroad.


Sunfruit commissioned us to develop Dario Wellness' flagship healthy juice line for young, energetic people who want to brighten up their lives, be filled with energy, look cool and take care of their health.


The Dario Wellness line is represented by superfood juices and berry mixes so that the human body can get more energy for new achievements. It was important to separate this line from the main line, which represents classic tastes, and create a new visual design language. On the one hand, to maintain continuity so that people can recognize the familiar Dario brand, which has proven itself on the shelves of the Urals, Siberia and the Central region. On the other hand, focus on people who want to drink juice not so much for pleasure, but for the benefit of their body, as they are more demanding of their health.

The design came out quite minimalistic and emphasizes the expertise of the line. We chose a white background for a reason, as it was important to show that this is a clean label. The Dario logo has remained unchanged, but stands out against a white background due to the black color. The main element of the architecture is the large letter D as a symbol of Dario. It is a kind of window in which we depict those fruits and berries that are presented in the line.

Under the Dario logo there is a sub-brand Wellness, which says that this is a more useful functional drink. For greater differentiation, we have added a plate, which additionally helps to breed lines within the entire product range. The design stands out perfectly on the shelf and fits in with the overall Dario brand.

When the products entered the retail shelves, they immediately became very noticeable and declared themselves as a functional product that can easily compete with various yogurts and smoothies.
The line became successful, popular and found its buyer.