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Domashnie recepty - created with love!


Domashnie recepty are delicious, natural drinks made according to a unique old Russian recipe, modified for modern ingredients, without yeast, pasteurization, filtration.
As a result of hard work, the company managed to bring to the market 5 unique products, which are extremely difficult to find analogues.
One of these products is the Domashny BioLemonade drink, which was decided to be redirected to another category, since it is actually fruit kvass. 


To create a design for a unique product - fruit kvass - that will attract attention on the shelf, tell what kind of product it is, why it is unique and what useful properties it has so that the consumer prefers the brand to all indirect competitors.


We started with an audit of the Domashnie recepty brand using our Three Layers of Efficiency methodology. The results were not very good, so we proposed to redesign the line of fruit kvass. The new design should fit into the current style of the company and its corporate identity, but also be unique, on the other hand, since this is a new category for the company. People should understand that this is not a traditional familiar kvass, but fruity, created without the use of yeast from natural ingredients.

The design was made within the Startup Tariff, according to which we develop only one concept, but the one that best suits the task. The audit methodology helps to determine what needs to be strengthened and what should be removed.

Bright colors in the new design are responsible for visibility on the shelf, large inscriptions “fruit kvass with lemon and ginger” and “fruit kvass with lemon and mint” reveal the product category. Bright graphic patterns with ingredients at the bottom of the package, additionally visualizing the taste, also work on the visual and contextual layers.

On the reverse side, we talk about the natural composition and only 5 ingredients that make up the drink, emphasizing that this is a kvass without dyes, preservatives, ideal for those who want to quench their thirst without compromising health.
Domashnie recepty are a promising player in the natural refreshing drinks market, which, on the one hand, contain sugar, but, on the other hand, are made with fruit sourdough without yeast. Fruit kvass easily quenches thirst, tones up and can be an alternative to other drinks.

The result was two striking SKUs in the line of already existing flavors, which fit perfectly into the corporate identity of the company, perfectly distinguished this line from all others, and occupied their niche on the shelf of refreshing drinks.