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Domilovo - luxury eggs!


Domilovo is a small farm, the founders of which decided to produce organic chicken eggs. As an alternative to large poultry farms, the hens here are free range.


DOMILOVO is a farming startup that offers consumers a new look at a familiar product, which is the basis of every family's diet. The founders decided to keep their free-range chickens in their natural environment. They explain their concept by the fact that free-range chickens are healthier, calmer, happier than those that sit in a cramped chicken coop in constant stress, which means that their eggs are healthier and cleaner.

This approach to business incurs additional costs that affect the cost of production. Once in the trading networks, the farm could not physically compete with the products of large poultry farms. It was necessary to propose a solution so that the products of the farm outwardly radically differed from the rest of similar products and justified the higher cost. 


Before we started looking for a solution, we knew that the core of the solution would lie in the development of a new and unique form of packaging. No "standard" egg packaging would be a good solution for us. Using "standard" packaging, the client's products would "merge" with mass products, and the consumer would not understand what he should overpay for.

What can be associated with an eco-friendly poultry farm where chickens are kept free-range? - Chicken coop, hay and .. chicken roost! Chicken roost – that’s what inspired us to create an original rounded packaging design. This is both a rough and elegant presentation - an example of ecological design in packaging. This shape will certainly become noticeable on the shelves of supermarkets! Although there is more "air" in the transport box with this form than in the "standard", but it's worth it! 

The image of a chicken roost is created by the round shape of the package and the special arrangement of eggs inside it. Pressed cardboard, shaped label, engraving and a clear demonstration of the benefits of the product create an image of an ecological product, and this makes it a unique offer.

DOMILOVO is a modern brand that creates an eco-atmosphere at home, successfully helping new farmers to develop their business, producing products with new advantages for us. And we want to wish them the best of luck!