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Dux ognya — for those close in spirit!


We were commissioned by a client who had his own smoking artel in the Nizhny Novgorod region, intended for smoking catfish.


We are accustomed to the fact that this kind of product is sold in plain paper, without packaging, is not very presentable and does not pretend to be premium.

The task was to get away from this perception and bring the product into a different value system, by analogy with buying a bottle of good expensive alcohol, which could be an excellent present to the table.


The client had already registered the name “Dux ognya”, which, in our opinion, was ideally suited to the product. In addition, a local printing house developed a layout for a box of an unusual shape: the box looked like a triangle in cross-section and could be turned into a kind of table.

All we had to do was come up with a design and a logo. Since the goal was to make the box premium, we decided to focus on the illustrations, which have become a key element of the packaging design. The engraving with a huge mustachioed catfish fits perfectly into the craft background of the package. A subtle white smoke and an accent logo add even more originality and personality.

The copywriting on the back is a touching story about the love and warmth with which the product is created. Pictograms bring text to life and give it fun and emotion.

The result is a cool and original designed brand that will be nice to receive both as a gift and to take on a picnic with friends.