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Easy Smoothie – eating right is easy!


In 2015, we created a packaging design for brand Easy Smoothie — a healthy snack made up of 80% fruits / vegetables and 20% cereals. But since then, a lot of has changed, buyers have new preferences, so the manufacturer decided to expand the range and introduce new products with interesting ingredients. We needed to do a new design taking into account the wishes of the client


Using our methodology “The Platforms of Growth”, which we use to definite the unique positioning, we have chosen the territory of “pleasure and freedom”.

“Young and growing” smoothie category mainly competes with other categories of “healthy snacks”, such as cereal and fruit bars, functional drinks and yoghurts. Such brands as Bite, Pikki, Epica are forming the image of a fashionable, healthy snack in the minds of consumers. All of them play in the territories “pleasure”, “energy and freedom” and “individuality”, which are characterized by the use of bright colors, unusual combinations and delicious images.

We proposed several concepts of a new design from very consistent to “radical”, which were tested on focus groups. The winner was a bright new design, unlike the previous one. Most of the target audience found it more fashionable, premium and noticeable on the shelf. Consumers appreciated the visualization with contrasting colors of the product composition: 80% of fruits, 20% of cereals and the corresponding bright food zone.

Since it was decided to remove the manufacturer’s logo on the back side, the new logo was obliged to become more individual and memorable. At the same time, the general style of the concept suggested conciseness and friendly typography. So a font composition was made with an interesting combination of upper and lower case letters and a leaf accent, which emphasizes the naturalness and plant origin of the product.

Bright, juicy, cheerful packaging literally radiates energy, movement and positive.