Ecomilk cottage cheese - 6 bright flavors!


Ecomilk has long been engaged in the production and sale of milk, butter and cheese, occupying a significant market share. Butter is produced under the Ekomilk brand, and in 2015 the company decided to expand the range and introduce new products - milk and sour cream. In 2019, Ecomilk launches the production of flavored yoghurts.


To develop a packaging design for crumbly dessert cottage cheese with fillers.


Having taken the main line and carefully adapting it to other categories, we began to work on expanding the range of the Ecomilk brand.

It was important to keep the recognition of the brand and its distinctive features: dark blue color, logo, image of a cow.

Appetizing food zones appeared on the packaging, thanks to which you can show the taste and easily identify the product within the line. Plus, a different color for each product is responsible for differentiation within the SKU.

Ecomilk - quality and freshness of dairy products for the whole family at affordable prices from the manufacturer.