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Ecomilk Fetica - pleasure in Greek!


Ecomilk has long been engaged in the production and sale of milk, butter and cheese, occupying a significant market share. Butter was produced under the Ecomilk brand, and in 2015 the company decided to expand the range and introduce new items - milk and sour cream.
In 2019, Ecomilk launches the production of yoghurts. In 2020 - cheese. 


To create packaging design for the cheese brand Fetica by Ecomilk.


Brynza and feta occupy 18% of the soft cheese market. The soft cheese market is represented by such leaders as Hochland and Fitaki, and the Serbian Brynza has recently greatly increased its share.

Since Ecomilk is far from being the first to enter this shelf, this appearance should be significant for the market and noticeable for the client.

Therefore, the new Fetica cheese is not just Ecomilk fetax, it is a bright strong sub-brand with a great name and a noticeable design.

The name Fetica we have developed is perfect for the cheese category.

The original design, in which the central place is given to the Greek amphora, is very noticeable on the shelf from afar. The name of the subbrand is written in Greek letters, the appetizing food zone is surrounded by an ornament in the Greek style – thus, the abundance of Greek symbols immediately gives a reference to the category and the ability to quickly orient the buyer.

Displaying this cheese on a shelf quickly attracts attention and is highly visible. The audit of the effectiveness of the design according to the “Three Layers of Efficiency” method shows an excellent result and high scores, thus demonstrating all the chances that our client can make a successful launch of this product on the market, and the design can ensure the brand has a good offtake due to visual communications.