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Elitium - will launch in any frost!


The AKBAT chain of stores has been specializing in wholesale and retail sales of starter batteries, tires and car accessories for 15 years.

Elitium, one of the brands represented in AKBAT, is the world's largest manufacturer of car batteries. Annually it accounts for up to a third of the total output in the industry.

This is a smart battery for a car that has the ability to synchronize with a smartphone.


To develop a label design for the brand of car batteries Elitium. In this case, a completely revolutionary approach is possible without maintaining continuity.

The design should convey:

  • manufacturability;
  • landmark for the future (22nd century, electric vehicles);
  • reliability;
  • quality;
  • exclusivity.


It is advantageous to distinguish the battery brand and label from competitors both on the shelf and in the online store (visibility + memorability);
Highlight and clearly convey the benefits of the brand and product.


The brand's target audience is middle-income consumers who rarely service cars at dealerships and try to repair the car themselves if possible or turn to friends. In addition, a feature of the Russian market is that frost can suddenly strike in winter and it is difficult to start the car. In this case, the battery comes to the rescue.

We started with a packaging design audit using our Three Layers of Efficiency methodology to understand how to improve the effectiveness of the current design. Evaluation of 28 parameters, consisting of three groups: the visual layer (how noticeable the product is among competitors), the context layer (how clear the category and product features are), and the conversion layer (how the benefits from the purchase are broadcast), showed that Elitium in the current design with holographic label was not visible enough. The first letter was almost invisible and the name was read as Litium.
In developing the current design, an attempt was made to show similarities with the packaging of Apple technology. However, this decision led to a number of problems:

There are no advantages of the product due to the desire not to burden the packaging, to keep it in a minimalistic design like an apple;
Low visibility and readability of the logo on the shelf (in particular, the colored letter E on a metal background is poorly visible);
The brand is not remembered.

The design significantly lost to all competitors on the shelf and did not score even 50% in the visual layer. Some characteristics came through the label, but this was not enough, the conversion layer received a little more than 20%. The overall efficiency was only 45%.

We offered the client to work within the framework of our "Startup" tariff, when an express design of one option is created without finalization. Thanks to the audit, we understand what growth points are possible and how to reflect them in their design.


We strengthened the logo and visibility among competitors by writing the name in a larger tech font. Such an element as a large lightning bolt, symbolizing the current in the battery, helped to distinguish the logo on the shelf from competitors. The powerful phrase "Elitium will launch in any frost" reflects the core value of the product.

There is a qr-code on the top label, which can be used to get help from the manufacturer under the loyalty program if you have a problem on the road.

The new design stands out from all the rest, we managed to increase the efficiency up to 74%.