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Emil is milk bestowed by nature itself!


The company Emil is one of the leaders in the dairy market of eastern Kazakhstan with modern high-tech production. Over the 25 years of its existence, the company has won the trust of consumers who value local dairy producers.

Today, under the Emil brand, not only dairy products are produced, but also semi-finished meat products and ice cream.


Dairy products by Emil are made only from milk of the highest categories from suppliers using modern technologies in production, whose cows graze on the best pastures. Milk is delivered to production in the shortest possible time, due to which it is possible to preserve the pristine natural taste and benefits given to dairy products by nature itself and convey it to the consumer. Our task was to create a package that would talk about all the benefits of TM “Emil”.


We did not have the task of “blowing up the market”, as the company had no sales problems. Rather, it was necessary to “pull out” objectively the important advantages of a company to give the buyer confidence in the right choice.

Consumer insight

“I can be sure of the quality of dairy products only if I know what milk they are made from. But for a confident choice, I need to find out more specific facts about milk, the products from which I buy, and the technologies used in the process of its production.

In order to meet the needs of the target audience and positioning, it was necessary to add more naturalness and locality to communication, without losing the key role of an expert for positioning, only reinforcing it.

Using our technology “Growth Platforms”, it was necessary to connect the COMFORT territories, where it is appropriate to talk about the origin of milk, the product path, and give more references to nature, and “BELONGING”, where references to the local Kazakh origin would be valuable to the audience.

Emil has something to be proud of: it has a rich history, modern equipment and strict quality control. We paid a lot of attention on packaging to the disclosure of their business, as this was our key task.

At the same time, we paid due attention to the place of origin of milk. On the packaging in a stylized manner appeared flat flood meadows with cows and mountains with traditional ornaments. The emphasis is not on taste, but on informativeness, a story about the quality of dairy products.

In the visual layer, we made a reference to the Kazakh landscapes in order to evoke a strong emotional response from the audience and increase confidence in the products.

In the context layer, we made it clear what kind of product is inside and its differences from other products of the line, and also strengthened the differentiation by fat content.

In the conversion layer, due to infographics and conversion stamps, we talked about the company, clarified the “road” of milk «to the consumer’s table, thereby removing the audience’s distrust of shelf milk.