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Etalon - farmed, selected and roasted to be the favourite ones!


Founded in 2002, Agro-Sputnik LLC is a stable and dynamically developing enterprise that provides many regions of Russia with tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly products.

The product portfolio is expanding every year; To date, it has 62 positions - 35 positions in the category of snacks, and 27 positions in the confectionery direction, each of which has become not only a recognizable brand, but also a standard of impeccable quality.
Products are presented in more than 60 regions of the Russian Federation and 4 countries, the geography is constantly growing. The leaders of the brand's product portfolio are such brands as Bogucharskie, Etalon and Relax. 


Redesign the Etalon line of premium quality seeds, including the development of a brand line, logo and packaging design.


The first step in working on the project was a design audit using our Three Layers of Efficiency methodology. It identified the shortcomings that we needed to eliminate: an indistinct food zone, a low-contrast logo, blurry positioning, overloading the packaging with various elements. Such an ambitious name as "Etalon" was essentially not supported by anything, it was not clear to the consumer why this brand is premium. 

For the Etalon brand, seeds of large caliber 45+ are selected from the best confectionery varieties. Own raw material base and growing system, ecologically clean growing areas, unique roasting and salting technology - these advantages were not disclosed in any way.

After analyzing the positioning of competitors, we came to the conclusion that they play mainly in the territory of "pleasure". We, in order to distance ourselves and carve out a niche, have chosen the territory of control and individuality as the most suitable for a brand created for practical and self-aware consumers who want to stand out from the crowd and choose the best.

The client did not want drastic changes and asked us to maintain continuity. We have kept the dark background and gold elements as the hallmarks of the previous design.
To emphasize the name "Etalon", a laconic font was used, and the ornament was replaced by a stylized crown in the Art Deco style and the inscription 2002.

A truly royal food zone appeared on the packaging in the form of a large, open, golden seed. The inscription “guarantor of quality” is supported by the hallmarks “15 criteria for the selection of raw materials”, “8 stages of quality control”, which speak of the responsibility of the manufacturer and a serious approach to production. In communications, we also emphasize this, saying that Etalon seeds are "grown, selected and roasted to become the favourite ones."

As part of the project, we developed designs for three lines - classic and salted seeds, and seeds with peanuts. All three lines are united by a single architecture, a different color code on the background for each line and attract attention due to a noticeable food zone, which is the focus of attention in the packaging design.