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Excella is a balanced dessert of a new generation!


Exella is a healthy, balanced dessert of a new generation. The uniqueness of this product is that no animal products are used in the preparation process, there is no sugar, gluten, lactose, preservatives, carcinogens, chemical dyes and flavor enhancers. In the production process, only natural components created by nature for humans are used.


To create the design and naming for a new brand of wholesome, sugar-free desserts based on 100% plant-based foods. The palette of flavors contains the most popular exotic fruits of the world, combined with delicate, airy date-based chocolate.


The first step in the work on the project was the development of naming. The name Exella, which we came up with - derived from excellence (from the English "excellent") - perfectly conveys the concept of the product. The goal of the Exella brand is to change people's taste habits into more healthy ones and implement them in life on an ongoing basis.
Dessert Exella suits those who watch their diet and figure. 

The base of each cup is a stem made of date paste, which gives a sensation of sweetness. Therefore, for the color of the logo, of course, brown was chosen, with which bright fashionable colors are perfectly combined, each of which symbolizes a certain taste.
There are 5 flavors in the line: wild orange, sunny mango, ripe banana, chocolate duet, fresh raspberry.

Most of the packaging is occupied by a luxurious food area in the form of ice cream, spun in the shape of a rose with date paste on top (this is what the dessert looks like inside). It is complemented by pieces of fruit.

The line of desserts came out bright, cheerful and very noticeable on the shelf. We have done everything to ensure that the product immediately catches the eye.

The design of the brand is made within the Startup tariff, according to which our team develops only one concept, which must hit exactly the goal and wishes of the client. In our case, the key to success is an excellent briefing, on the basis of which the concept is developed. Thanks to him, we can offer the best option possible.

We are confident that the brand will be a huge success once it hits supermarket shelves.

Exella is a safe pleasure without carbohydrate surges and harmful cholesterol, a dessert that energizes while maintaining a figure.