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Faretti - a bright mix of flavors!


Faretti is a line of gourmet Italian desserts consisting of biscuit cakes and pastries with cream and fruit and berry fillings.
Based on the original recipes of Italian pastry chefs, combining them with their own innovative developments, the company launched a series of Italian desserts on the Russian market.
Passionate Italian temperament, European grace, Russian emotionality, and most importantly, the desire to believe in a dream have merged together in them - that is, everything that is understandable anywhere in the world without words. 


Create a competitive packaging design for Faretti cakes for two lines:

• Faretti Modern - cakes in a box for a "warm" shelf;
• Faretti Classic – cakes in corex for the “cold” shelf;

New packaging must:
1. Distinguish the brand on the shelf
2. Keep continuity with the old design
3. Clearly differentiate flavors in the line
4. Cause appetite and desire to buy and try the product
5. Add value to the product
6. Communicate product and brand benefits clearly and effectively. 


The Faretti brand is known and loved by Russian customers. The recognizable logo on a brown background with a large Faretti lettering, cupid and the Italian flag makes the brand stand out on the shelf.

We had to strengthen the already formed image, and not destroy it and create something else. Therefore, we had to act as carefully as possible, creating a successive redesign. We did primary research, audited the packaging design, looked at the display of products in the category in many store chains. As a result of the audit, it became clear how to increase the overall effectiveness and raise it in certain layers using our “Three Layers of Efficiency” methodology to further highlight the brand and enhance the sense of taste on the package.

The big drawback of the current design was the lack of brand consolidation: Faretti products looked patchy, with the logo remaining the only linking element. The small space of the label itself was not used very effectively: Italy was mentioned somewhere, somewhere there was a food zone, and not the product itself, but the ingredients, which did not create the most vivid taste sensations. We wanted to show both on open and closed boxes how the cake looks like in a section, how much jam and marmalade is there in order to give the buyer the opportunity to feel the taste as brightly as possible.

In the new design, we slightly changed the font in the logo, making it simpler and more perceptible, we kept the logo area the same, slightly modifying the elements and color saturation. We introduced a turquoise color into the packaging, which is now part of the Faretti brand, by which products are recognized. An additional breeding element within the line is a food zone with ingredients under the illustration of Italy. And, of course, the incredible large food zone with the cake itself is impressive, demonstrating the product as much as possible. To create it, we specially took photographs in one of the best food studios in Moscow.

We wish the company great sales, for our part we tried to do everything for this.