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Gazpromneft - STM for a network of petrol stations


The network of ASZ "Gazpromneft" is a national network of gas stations throughout Russia. The task of creating our own brand with the same name for related products was set before the specialists of our company.


As you know, the main business of the Gazpromneft is the sale of high-quality fuel through its own network of petrol stations. But today, just selling fuel is not enough, especially when you are considered as the market leader. It is important for modern gas stations to provide not only quick customer service, but also to create a comfortable environment and a cozy atmosphere for them, turning their gas stations into safety islands where you can relax or shop for goods necessary on the road.

One step towards this goal was the creation of private labels for the majority of related products sold in the stores of the Gazpromneft petrol station network. 


We knew that the main carrier for Gazpromneft private labels would be packaging design, where it is especially important to create a strong and unified image for all groups of goods united under private labels and correlated with the Gazpromneft petrol station brand.

We started our work with the development of a common private label style in the main product categories. On the one hand, the packaging design must have elements of visual identification of the Gazpromneft petrol station network, and on the other hand, it must be absolutely individual and have original elements that distinguish private labels from competitors, build their own identity and give orientation to the consumer in a variety of product groups. 

The creation of Gazpromneft's own STM is a continuation of the long-term partnership between Gazpromneft and Getbrand in the field of creating an original image and a unique atmosphere for the Gazpromneft petrol station network