Getbrand is a branding agency

that allows manufacturers to increase the purchase frequency of their product at the point of sale so that they can increase their gross revenue, market share, and rate of return on investment

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Getbrand Method — How to Sell More by Building Your Brand!


When we create projects for our clients, we immerse ourselves as much as possible in their business in order to make a product for them that would benefit them as much as possible in terms of increasing the frequency of purchases and increasing market share. For 12 years of successful work, we have developed a methodology that allows us to create a highly converting design and decided to share it with our clients and other entrepreneurs who want to remain strong players in the market and increase capital.


The book “The Getbrand Method”, written by Andrey Gornov, General Director of Getbrand Agency, in the most understandable language without unnecessary academicism, so that any entrepreneur, brand manager, head of the marketing department and any specialist who is in one way or another connected with sales and brand development can read and understand the issue of creating commercially successful brands once and for all.

At the agency, we systematically approach the development of a brand and its positioning, packaging and promotion. We conduct unique workshops “Vysota” — strategic sessions with the client’s team to develop a brand, create value communication, search for ideas for new products, and create effective brand portfolios.

How we do it, what methods and techniques we use, and how our clients manage to achieve amazing results — is written in the book. Andrey Gornov has been working in branding and marketing for over 25 years, starting his career as an art director and working with Nestle brands such as Nescafe Gold, Nescafe Classic, Calve and Knorr and founding Getbrand agency, which is now one of the top 5 branding agencies in Russia.

Experience and practice helped him create a system which allows to create a highly effective commercial design that affects the frequency of purchase of goods at the points of sale. After reading the book, you will be able to understand what will lead you to money and what will not. What to look for when developing a design, and what to avoid.

We would like to express our special gratitude to the Lithome team, which was engaged in the layout and creation of visual materials for the book. There is a lot of illustrated material in the book, thanks to which the information is easily perceived, and there are QR codes by which people can download checklists, sign up for an audit or personal consultation with Andrey, or watch useful videos on our Youtube channel.

You can buy the book in a convenient format — pdf, audio version and classic paper version. The book turned out to be quite voluminous, but, as clients say, it is very interesting and necessary.