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Globus — легендарный вкус в новой упаковке


Globus commissioned us to redesign a line of canned vegetables.

Bonduelle is a long-standing and undeniable leader in the Russian market of canned vegetables and a world leader in the production of vegetables in whole. Since 2014, Bonduelle (in the Russian Federation and the CIS) has owned TM Globus, well known to Russian consumers since the days of the USSR.

Today Globus is a federal brand presented in all regions of the Russian Federation. Currently, there is a need to breathe new life into the brand: to actualize, make it more modern and emotional, and one of the steps towards this transformation was the redesign of the packaging.


Globus is a brand with a legendary history and has been on the market since Soviet times. In the USSR, the Globus vegetable and fruit preservation were very famous and in demand and were considered the standard of taste and quality. Now Globus can be found on the shelves of almost any store in Russia.

But despite this, the brand did not develop much — neither through communications, nor through updating the packaging, which provided him with a slurred image in the eyes of the buyer.

Our objectives were to maintain high brand knowledge and loyalty among the senior audience, but at the same time attract new, younger consumers. Add premiums, but do not scare away those who are focused on “reasonable choice” and do not want to “overpay for the brand.”

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Add emotionality (create a feeling of warmth and family traditions), while maintaining rational benefits (high quality, naturalness, safety, benefits).

Rational and emotional benefits reveal the claims “tasty like at home” and “fresh vegetables from the south of Russia”, located on the front of the package. They are complemented by the slogan “taste that unites generations” and a small emotional text about family traditions on the back side.

The inscription in the logoblock “Traditions since 1924” indicates a long history and reputation, forming the image of a brand that you can trust.