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Grand Duet - enjoyment of taste


Getbrand has created the packaging design of Grand Dessert sub brand, the Grand Duet line. As a result, we have attracted the attention of consumers due to the bright expressive design, transmitting a rich palette of tastes of the new Ehrmann Grand Duet.


In 2019, the Grand Dessert line continues to expand and a new subbrand — Grand Duet — a cottage cheese with original and vibrant toppings based on popular modern desserts and familiar tastes from other categories, enters the market. Of course, Ehrmann entrusted us to create the design of the new product.

We really appreciate when we have time for ourselves during the day. And we think that this moment belongs to us, but in fact we often miss it. Grand Duet brings back focus on yourself and your pleasure. This is the perfect dessert for any moment of the day, whether it is a break between tasks or some special moment, or a pleasant end to the day.


The segment of products in two-section cups in Russia is just beginning to develop. And Ehrmann, as a trendsetter in the world of dairy desserts, could not ignore the new trend.

The brand concept is based on insight based on the value of the moment for yourself.

Delight in taste, a variety of impressions, self-love — all this encompasses the Grand Duet.

The brand’s target audience is women who look after themselves and figure, but love to pamper themselves and look for unique taste experiences.

Elegant and stylish design, expressive colors highlight the Grand Duet line on the shelf and do not leave it a chance to remain unattended. Thick pudding, light mousse, a coffee drink, and now the cottage cheese with crispy topping is a real pleasure from Ehrmann that can satisfy the most demanding gourmet.