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Grand Twist — enjoy the moment!


Being a trendsetter in the world of yoghurts and constantly adding new products to its lines, Ehrmann has released another bestseller in the Grand Dessert line for which we created a packaging design. Grand Twist is a combination of delicate pudding with original and vibrant fillings. The product is packaged in a unique two-piece cup. In the small compartment there is a filling, and in the large compartment there is a pudding.


The new product in the Grand line is designed to focus even more on enjoying the moment and taste of a delicious dessert.

“When you make a new line in a brand, you need to strike a balance between continuity and differentiation. It was especially important for us to make the difference between a new product and Grand Dessert, as it is more dessert and light. Therefore, we decided to keep the diagonal and make an inversion in colors and a different approach to the food zone, ”- Alena Filina, Getbrand Creative Director.

All tastes are united by a pastel beige background, and differentiation is due to the diagonal, which reflects the delicate texture of the pudding and its taste — milk, chocolate or caramel

There are three SKUs in the line:

1. Chocolate pudding with a mixture of Brownie cookies, crispy chocolate balls and pieces of chocolate.

2. Caramel pudding with a crumble of peanuts, caramel, chocolate and crispy balls.

3. Milk pudding with white chocolate and dried strawberries, chocolate flakes, strawberry cookies and crispy balls.

The design of the “Grand Twist” conveys the uniqueness of the design of the product, while not straying from the general visual style of the Grand line.

Grand Twist is the perfect dessert for any moment of the day!