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Green Milk - growing good habits!


The SoyuzPishcheprom company produces a wide range of products for adherents of a healthy diet, including lactose-free milk: oat, rice, wheat, soy, almond, coconut milk.


The Green Milk brand entered the market in 2018 and became one of the leaders in the Plant Milk category. But over time and the appearance of new competitors in the category on the market, a decision was made to redesign, as a result of which the line expanded from four to seven SKU’s most in demand in coffee shops. New flavors were developed - banana, vanilla and oats, as well as an updated recipe for drinks based on coconut, almonds, soy and hazelnuts.


As usual, we started with a shelf audit, as it perfectly shows growth points and weaknesses. As a result of the audit, it became clear that it was necessary to change the logo, as it is poorly readable, and the design as a whole. In addition, category leader Alpro has recently restyled, and since Green Milk and Alpro have approximately the same positioning - a basic product for the target audience they are aimed at - it was impossible to lose their positions.

The redesign was supposed to be rather not cardinal, but more successive in order to maintain recognition among its audience. The green color and leaves at the top of the package helped to beat the name Green Milk. The food zone occupies two thirds of the package and looks like an appetizing kaleidoscope of various products according to taste. All important properties and characteristics are placed on the front of the package.

Thanks to a large logo, an appetizing food zone, “European style” and well-developed communication, the brand has significantly increased its effectiveness according to the results of the final audit.