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HladEskimo is a traditional snack in a new format!


PRODTEHNOLOGII LLC has been producing food products since 2006. The company's business card is traditional meat snacks under the Kholodushka trademark: jelly and aspic from pork, beef, chicken. For 16 years, a small Omsk workshop has grown into a large enterprise with an extensive geography of deliveries: from Moscow to Sakhalin. The reputation of a reliable business partner and a conscientious manufacturer is a natural result of many years of flawless work.
"HladEskimo" is a new brand of jelly in popsicle format. 


It is necessary to develop a packaging design for a new brand of jelly on a stick "HladEskimo". The design should be understandable for the consumer, convey the taste, naturalness and benefits of the product, evoke a feeling of satiety, and also demonstrate the convenience of the non-standard format of traditional products.
• it is advantageous to highlight the package on the shelf (visibility + memorability);
• make an attractive and appetizing food zone;
• reflect the meanings and values embedded in the brand;
• highlight and clearly convey the benefits of the brand and product (especially important for such a new format as jelly on a stick);
• develop convenient differentiation by SKU. 


Is it possible to come up with a new format for such a traditional dish as jelly? How to make jelly, which is inconvenient for eating on the go, become a popular snack? The leader in the production of jelly in the Siberian region, the LLC PRODTECHNOLOGIES company (trademark Kholodushka), found the answer and created a new revolutionary format - jelly on a stick as an alternative to the usual popsicle for those who prefer a savory, hearty snack.

What are the benefits of the new brand?
Firstly, it is a traditional product familiar from childhood.
Secondly, it is good for the body because it is a natural source of protein and collagen and is made from natural ingredients.
Thirdly, it brings pleasure to the consumer, who receives a tasty and satisfying solution in an unusual, but at the same time convenient popsicle format.
The manufacturer has developed a special packaging for the new product. Such an innovation required a certain design and name. The name HladEskimo, which combines jelly and popsicle, perfectly reflected the essence of the brand.
The packaging is made in the form of a popsicle. The name is written in three rows to stand out even from afar on the refrigerator shelf. A large logo, an appetizing food zone, a bright color palette, excellent differentiation by SKU due to color - all this gives the new brand excellent visibility and opens up the prospect of becoming a shelf leader, especially since there are simply no competitors in this format. The trademark "Kholodushka" is also indicated on the packaging as the parent brand.

The HladEskimo brand is aimed at true connoisseurs of Siberian delicacies, lovers of jellied meats and meat snacks. A hearty meat snack fits perfectly into the urban trend of snacking on the go.