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Hrenoder — add fire to any dish!


The company «Prodteсhnology» commissioned us to redesign a line of hot sauces. 


Since horseradish is a spicy thing, in the redesign we shifted the emphasis from the composition and image of “like everyone else” and offered to produce these sauces not under the parent brand “Holodushka”, but under the new sub-brand “Hrenoder”, reflecting the naming in design. 

It turned out a sharp, slightly humorous story about a burning and tasty natural sauce that will complement any meat dish. And, as it seems to us, with this decision we hit the bull’s eye, because there is nothing similar in design in the sauces category.

A new wedge-shaped bottle was developed to match the label, emphasizing the main message of the brand. For easier navigation between tastes, we added a “burning visualizer”, consisting of the flames. 

The conversional part reminds you that these are absolutely natural sauces made from fresh vegetables that go well with any dish. Disclosure of this USP is on the back of the label.

The result was a fresh, outstanding new brand of hot sauces, which will complement any meat dish with its burning taste.